• LATEST NEWS : Week ending 17th July

  • NEW : Update letter from Mr Speck regarding September arrangements. Click the link below to download:-

  • Monday 13th July - Letter from Mr Speck




    Weekly Timetables ALL

     Click the links below to open this weeks timetable for your child's Year Group:

    Year 3 Timetable : WC 13th July

    Year 4 Timetable : WC 13th July

    Year 5 Timetable : WC 13th July

    Additional Maths Home Learning Topics:

    Maths : Home Challenge Sheet

    Maths Home Challenge : Year 5 & 6

    Maths Home Challenge : Year 3 & 4

    Number Trail Support Resource : Year 5 & 6

    Number Trail Support Resource : Year 3 & 4

    Number Trail Worksheet : Year 5 & 6

    Number Trail Worksheet : Year 3 & 4



    We are continuing our 'Money Matters' topic this week with some aadditional resources:

    Money Matters : Week 2 Overview

    Year 3 Money Matters Topic

    Year 4 Money Matters Topic

    Year 5 Money Matters Topic

    Money matters Week 2 : Support Resources

    Money Matters Week 2 : Main Topic Work

    Money Matters : Budget Resources


    Last weeks 'Money Matters' topic: supplementary timetable of activities to support the broader home learning timetable.

    Money Matters - Overview of the Topic

    Year 3 : 'Money Matters' Topics

    Year 4 : 'Money Matters' Topics

    Year 5 : 'Money Matters' Topics



    Prior to lockdown we were doing some fantastic work around our Aspirations project and this week we have set daily topics for children to research as part of their Year group timetable. The following support resources should be referred to daily in conjunction with the suggested learning plans:

    The Faculty of Aspiration : Overview Day 1 - All Year Groups Monday 29th June

    Year 3 & 4 : Aspirations Day 2 Tuesday 30th June

    Year 5 & 6 : Aspirations Day 2 : Tuesday 30th June

    Year 3 & 4 : Aspirations Day 3 - Wednesday 1st July

    Year 5 & 6 : Aspirations Day 3 - Wednesday 1st July

    Year 3 & 4 : Aspirations Day 4 - Thursday 2nd July

    Year 5 & 6 : Aspirations Day 4 - Thursday 2nd July

    The Friday tasks have been removed as there was a techncial problem with an emdedded link to YouTube. 

    Map of the United Kingdom - Support Resource



    Teachers set additional home working tasks last week linked to the 'Black Lives Matter' topic. Chidlren may continue with these if they wish but this resource will no longer be available from Monday 6th July.

    Black Lives Matter : Introduction PowerPoint

    Suggested Reading List BLM : Ages 9-12

    Suggested Reading List BLM : Ages 5-8

    Hidden Figures - The Story of Black Women & The Space Race

    Year 3 PSHE : BLM Home Working Topic

    Year 4 PSHE : BLM Home Working Topic

    Year 5 PSHE : BLM Home Working Topic

    CONTINUATION : LOCKDOWN DIARIES: Teachers have set a special topic - 'Lockdown Diaries' - for children to work on, giving thought to their own journey through this time. This is a topic to be worked on and shared for the remainder of the summer term with supporting materials. Remeber you can e-mail examples of your childs work to the school as suggested by teachers on MM:

    Lockdown Diary Week : Overview

    Lockdown Diaries : Year 3 and 4

    Lockdown Diaries : Year 5 and 6

    My Lockdown Timeline

    Additional Support Resources for Lockdown Diaries:

    Ann Frank Diary Excerpt - Do's & Don'ts Guide

    The Great Fire of London : Reading Comprehension

    Diary Quiz : Fact or Fiction

    1912 South Pole Expedition : Diary Excerpt

    Modern languages : New Topic from Mrs Doherty:

    Walk Around a French Town : MFL Topic

    Resources to support prior learning:

    Spelling Strategies - Whole School

    Suggested Study Timetable

    NB : There is NO Year 6 home learning timetable as children are now officially back to school. Children who are 'shielding' will be sent seperate resources.

    Mental Health Week ALL


    We have prepared some additional home learning resources linked to Mental Health for our children. If your child has already accessed this topic, you can disregard this timetable but some children may still want to work on it:

    Year 3 - Home Learning Mental Health Resource

    Year 4 - Home Learning Mental Health Resource

    Year 5 - Home Learning Mental Health Resource

    The following document is assiting our afternoon sessions in school around mental health but children are welcome to adopt some of the suggested strategies at home in accordance with the weekly timetable:-

    Mental Health Afternoon Timetable





    The links below will give you the topics set at the start of the Summer term for all other core subjects - these were originally posted on the longer timetable on the COVID-19 Bulletin Page but we felt it would be useful for you to be able to access them againfrom this page too:

    Year 3 Geography

    Year 3 History

    Year 3 Science

    Year 4 Science

    Year 4 History

    Year 4 Geography

    Year 5 History

    Year 5 Science

    Year 5 Geography

    Year 6 History

    Year 6 Science

    Year 6 Geography


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  • Earlier News:
  • COVID-19 Update : Thursday 19th March The Prime Minister has now given his daily bulletin and there has been no further clarity regarding support for 'Key Workers'. We will therefore defer any further information about this until we receive assurances and clarity from the Department for Education as to which cohort of the nation this refers to, as giving wrong information at this stage would be unhelpful.
  • It is therefore likely that we will not be able to share any further information with you about this until tomorrow, but in the mean time, check out the support information we are posting daily on our new COVID BULLETIN tab to the left.
  • COVID-19 UPDATE : Wednesday 18th March:
  • The 5.00pm Government address to the nation confirmed that all schools will close on Friday until further notice. It has been advised that 'key workers' of the country will be assisted in this time by schools but we do not know at this stage what this looks like or who qualifies as a 'key worker' in the Government interpretation. We are hoping for more support and clarity from Together for Children tomorrow and we will be holding a management meeting to discuss the impact and how best to deliver on this latest development. Please do NOT ring the office for further advice until we have had an opportunity to consult, seek the necessary confirmations and plan how best to support our school community during this uncertain period. These are testing times for us all and we would appreciate your patience. Parents will be fully briefed later tomorrow. Thank you.
  • We continue to follow guidance from the Department for Education, Public Health England and Sunderland City Council and are receiving daily updates. The most recent advice around monitoringchildren for signs of the virus released on Friday 13th March is shown below:-
  • Today, the Department for Education and Public Health England have issued updated guidance for education settings on COVID-19. This guidance will assist staff in addressing COVID-19 in educational settings. This includes childcare, schools, further and higher educational institutions. 
  • What you need to know: 
    staff, young people and children should stay at home if they are unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature to avoid spreading infection to others. Otherwise they should attend education or work as normal
    if staff, young people or children become unwell on site with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature they should be sent home
    clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces more often than usual using your standard cleaning products
    supervise young children to ensure they wash their hands for 20 seconds more often than usual with soap and water or hand sanitiser and catch coughs and sneezes in tissues
    Advice on what else you can do is listed below:
    Stay at home for seven days if you have either a high temperature or a new, continuous cough. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Only contact NHS 111 if you feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home, your condition gets worse or your symptoms don’t get better after seven days. 
    Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds.
    Always wash your hands when you get home or into school.
    Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
    Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze.
    Put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards.
    Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell.
    Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.
    To find the latest public information on coronavirus and for stay at home advice please visit: www.nhs.uk/coronavirus
  • UPDATES TO THE CURRICULUM PAGES: We have provided support documents on each Year Group page to identify schemes of study/topics covered and the termly overview in each case. This will support parents and children in following a study plan in the event that we have to set work remotely over the next few weeks. 
  • Change to PE Day Year 3 & Year 6: Due to other curriculum committments, we have changed the PE day for Year 3 and Year 6 so Year 6 will have their sessions on Monday afternoon, and Year 3 on Thursday. This will be the case until Easter and you will be informed if the arrangement is to be extended.
  • Winter Weather - Lip Balms etc.: At this time of year, many children suffer from chapped and sore lips due to the cold conditions. As you know, we have a robust medication policy that only allows us to accept prescribed medication and treatment in school. We have noticed of late many children bringing lip-balm in to school in various guises. Over the counter treatments are not normally allowed, but we appreciate the preventative qualities that application brings. So we have agreed to relax our policy slightly in light of this but only under certain provisos - children may bring a lip-salve for application at school if it is considered necessary, but it should only be a recognised brand: Vaselin, Nivea (plain blue), Blistex etc. We will not allow lip balm that is coloured, scented, flavoured or resembles a fashion stick, and we will confiscate such items if children are found with them. We also expect children to apply the balm at breaktime and lunchtime, not mid-way through lessons so please encourage your child to apply the balm liberally at these times of the day. They should NOT be sharing balm with other children. We trust that clarifies matters on this issue.
  • Social Media - Tik-Tok: The latest social media trend appears to be the video sharing platform Tik-Tok and we have had a few instances lately of children filming other children to upload to the site whilst on the school premises, predominantly first thing on a morning on arrival to the school yard. We cannot effectively police what children do on social media outside of school, and always advise that parents are fully aware and in control of their media interactions, but we must insist that any child who has sought permission to have a mobile phone with them in school does not abuse this trust. Children know the rules! They must ensure the phone is fully switched off BEFORE they reach school and is not switched back on again until they leave the premises. Accessing their phone genrally, and particularly such websites while on school premises, is not allowed and no child should be posting footage of other children. Mr Speck will heavily sanction any future instances, so please respect our guidance on this. 
  • SCHOOL TERM DATES 2020: A few parents have enquired recently about school term dates; we would advise we only have information up to July as the return to school date for September is yet to be determined. Click the link below to open the calendar for the remainder of this school year. Please note the May Day Bank Holiday has moved to Friday 8th May and we have in-service training on Monday 1st June:-
  • School Holidays to July 2020
  • Changes to 'Marvellous Me' - Important User Information: Our parent app 'Marvellous Me' has been updated with a few new features and bug fixes, so it is important that all users refer to the update guide below to make sure you are accessing the most up to date version of the platform. Click the link to download the support information:-
  • Marvellous Me - User Update Information
  • PE Reminder: There seems to be a little confusion around what kit children need to make sure they have available in school at ALL TIMES, irrespective of their designated PE day as we now expect children to come to school wearing their full kit, ready for sessions. A letter was recently issued on Marvellous Me, but please click the link here to check out the details.PE Kit Advisory Note
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OLDER NEWS......................................

  • PE Kit Pilot Scheme: Mr Speck has introduced a new scheme to try and make the organisation of PE a little easier, specifically with regard to the time it takes children to get changed, lost property and issues around privacy. We took quite a lot of feedback....some good, some not so good!...around this suggestion but we think the majority of parents are in favour of the new plan. Just to remind you, children are encouraged to come to school on their designated PE day already dressed in their sports kit. The information letters are available by clicking the links HERE and for the follow on letter HERE The new practice officially starts from Monday 16th September. It will run to half term and then we will assess the impact and whether we are going to introduce it as a permanent change. Make a note of your childs PE day:
  • Year 3 Monday, Year 4 Tuesday, Year 5 Wednesday, Year 6 Thursday

  • School Remission Guidance: Some children are exempt from paying for certain school services dependent on their social circumstances. We class these children as the Pupil Premium cohort and in the main it relates to those on Free School Meals, Adopted from Care, Looked After Chidren and Forces Chidlren. The table below shows how much reduction a child would get dependent on their circumstances and we would ask parents to take this into consideration when making payment for school visits, music fees etc.


  • Pupil Premium Category Remission Rates

    Free School Meals (FSM)

    Protected FSM

    (See note*)


    100% remission of school trip contributions

    100% remission of school provided music lessons (but NOT those with Mr Morris)

    100% remission of any After School Club fees as applicable

    75% remission of the total cost of residential visit to Derwent Hill

    Looked After Child/Adopted from Care As above - same remission rates apply as those for FSM
    Forces Child 25% remission of all categories
    Ever 6 Child 25% remission in all categories
  • *NOTE: Protected FSM: Under the Government's revised Universal Credit roll out, any child listed as being eligible for free meals as of 1st April 2018 will have this eligibility 'protected' until 2022, irrespective of whether the parents financial/employment status changes. The school will therefore continue to categorise these children as FSM rather than re-assessing them as Ever 6. This means they will continue to benefit from the full FSM remission rates. Any child who came off the FSM register prior to April will now be categorsied as Ever 6. It is the responsibility of parents to take these remissions into consideration when paying for any school service. If you choose to pay the full amount for a school trip, for example, we will assume you are wanting to support the school irrespective of your Pupil Premium status and we would not automatically reduce a payment on your behalf so please take this into account when making any voluntary contributions. 

  • Ear-ring policy: First and foremost, children should NOT be wearing ear-rings in school under any circumstance. We have to take a hard line on this for the purposes of safety. If a child has accidentally forgotten to take them out and can remove the ear-rings themselves, that's fine. If they cannot, we will NOT do it for them nor will we provide tape to cover them. Even if you tape them up yourself before sending your child to school, they are still in reality wearing them and there still remains a risk for PE etc. So.....the best way to avoid further action is to take them out before school! PE is a statutory requirement of the curriculum and we cannot persistently have children missing lessons for this reason. Where staff notice a child has their ear-rings in, and they cannot take them out themselves, you will be advised accordingly thus ensuring they are not worn the following day. Thank you for your support in this area.
  • Nut Free School: Can we politely remind parents that Fulwell Junior School is a 'nut free zone' insofar as we do not allow children to have nuts of any variety in school, either as a healthy snack or as part of their packed lunch. This is due to the number of children we have with very high risk nut intollerances. Even traces of nut oil on hands etc. could cause a severe reaction in another child, so please support us in avoiding nuts as part of your childs daily diet.

  • Medication in School: Children who need to continue to take or have recently been prescribed medication to have in school must have a Medical Statement completed by parents so that we can administer it on your behalf. Remember, unless specifically advised by your GP, and medication only required to be taken 3 times per day does NOT need to be taken at school as parents can spread that dose between breakfast, teatime and bedtime.

  • Reporting Absences: If you know your child is going to be absent from school, could we kindly request you ring the school office or send a text message BEFORE 8.45am. Similarly, if they have to attend a medical appointment, please let us know in advance - wherever possible, we must have sight of the appropriate appointment card/letter.